I have made payments on my account for over a year, sometimes I will make 2 and each time they state that If I make 2 payments that it will keep putting me ahead a month but when the next month comes around and I think I can skip a payment they call me anyway, after I explain it to them atleast 4-5 times what I have been told they still do not understand and persist to ask me for a payment. This is by far the worst lending institute out there.

Stay way away from this financial institution.

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:sigh Hi , I am sorry that Ford has lied to you, but I would like to say, you are not the only one they lied to. My son was murdered by Ford motor company on 12-09-06.

the cruise control switch , that was dound to be defective in the 90's, caught fire, burned Paytons face off, his arms and hands, the only part I recognized was one of his big toes. ford settled with the girl in the car, but not which our family. The only reason, I even want to take them to court is to make them take some responsibility for their actions.

This stuff that they do is premediated,not unitentional, it always goes back to the bottom line with ford. lieing is in there nature.

Harwood, Texas, United States #9592

Was told my brakeshoes was 3mm thin and needed to be changed. I changed them myself, measured the old ones(which were in very good shape) and discovered that I have been LIED TO.

Several incidents with you guys, but NO MORE!!! Learn to love your customers like your mama.

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