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Dealship quotes, Ford and they state that the noises coming from my transmission on a 2012 Ford Focus, are normal! Excuse me, normal after the breakin period, since I stated that I would not have taken possession of the car if it had this noise.

Now mind you I only have just over 18,000 miles and have no way abused this vehicle.

I just in awe on how uncaring Ford can be. I will never buy another Ford car and advise anyone considering one, GO ELSEWHERE.

Not saying that everyone will have an issue, but if you do, don't count on it being fixed. They will just call it a 'normal noise' and refuse to do a thing!

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Blackwood, New Jersey, United States #737723

I am having a brake issue and not getting a comfortable feeling they are going to fix it. They cut the rotor 3+ times & I was told today that the ford techncial adviser agreed what they did.

I have seriouse doubts about it getting fixed. I feel I am going to get the shaft!!!!

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