The Gem Modular that I need for my 2000 Ford Mustang does not work anymore. It runs all the electrical things in my car.

The windows, side mirrows, rear defoger, windshield wipers, radio, fan under hood that cools off motor, trunk lock & light, and more. I've been told that you will not make 1 more part, because there's not a demand for that part. I've had the car for 10 years now, and only 153,000 miles. (vin 1FAFP4047YF295905, made in 08/00).

Ford is a bad name to me now. Will Ford Company help me out or leave me stranded?

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Ford will get you any part you need if your "Money Is Right".They discontinued the "Tire's for my vehicle.But for the right amount of "Money"They can order them.Put your "Money"Where your "Mouth Is".


Part # XR33-14B205-AB

You're just an ***. 5 seconds on Google and you would have gotten the part for less than what a Ford dealership would charge. Take the f**king bus instead.


Jeez people, what do you friggin expect? If Ford kept all of the necessary factories open to remake every single part to everything they ever made; their profit margins would be so thin a new Ford Focus would have to cost 600,000 dollars to make up for all of the overmade unneeded parts to replace stuff that just doesn't fail often enough.

It's 10 years old. Quit crying about it and hit the wrecking yards, you'll find a good one.


Holy *** rockauto.com you people are to *** to drive..


Sound like, they want you to buy a new car. :grin


I gave up on Ford 10 years ago when my 1990 Ford was 10 years old, and the local Ford dealer's parts department started telling me "no longer available" for a few parts I needed to keep the vehicle running. Even the Ford dealer's parts counter guy admitted to me "Ford parts support is the pits."

Ford will leave you stranded, definitely.

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