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why does my f150 crew cab have general ameritac tr p255/70r17 tires that ford put on when it was new there is belts broke on every tire and i had 2 blowouts cause they are thin all the tire tecs told me these tires are made for passenger cars this just seems wrong to me now my wife is afraid to haul my 3 kids any where but we cant afford to buy new ones . the tred is still really good plese help me some how.we love this truck i love my fords i been buying them since i was 16 iam now 47 . thank you.

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The size you listed is the correct tire for the vehicle. Not all trucks call for an LT rating.

A passenger rating tire does not mean it is only designated for a passenger car. I don't have the year from your post, but P255/70R17 is the correct size for the Ford F150 truck.

You can double check your owner's manual or door jam for this information. There is no reason to be afraid, but all the reason to do a little research before flipping out.

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